There's a lot left to do before Enu 1.0. Here are some of the tasks planned for the next year or so.

Multiplayer and World Sharing

Make it easy to share Enu worlds, and to find and connect to other players.


More tutorials!



Enu needs a proper inventory, menus, and a way to move objects.

Games and Game Features

Write games, and add features to support them.

Forward Arrow

Show an arrow pointing forward from the current draw point, so it will always be clear which way forward goes.

Pivot point

Currently it isn't possible to change the pivot point for a unit, and the default point isn't properly centered for most builds, making it difficult to rotate builds nicely. Enu 0.3 will use the draw point for the pivot point, allowing it to be moved, and will shift everything over 0.5m, allowing most builds to rotate in a balanced way. There will also be a command to move the draw point (and thus the pivot point) to the exact center of a build.


A REPL could be used to experiment, run commands, and change settings.

Additional Platforms and App Stores

Shortly after 0.2 Enu will be made available on the Mac App Store and Steam. iOS and iPadOS will likely be next, with Android and VR platforms following later.


Enu's graphics can be slow, especially when using lots of units.