When you launch Enu for the first time, it will bring you through a simple tutorial.

Tutorial Intro Screenshot


Move with the W, A, S, and D keys, or with the left stick of your game controller. Look around with the mouse, trackpad, or right stick of your game controller.

Close help or code windows with ESC on your keyboard or B on your controller. You can also move without closing the window by using your controller, or by holding down left alt/option (⌥) on your keyboard.

Jumping and Flying

Jumping and Flying Screenshot

Jump with the space bar, or the A button on your game controller.

Fly by jumping twice quickly. Fly upwards by holding the jump button, and downwards by holding crouch (C on the keyboard or B on a game controller). Return to the ground by pressing the jump button twice.

Flying is a great way to see things from a better angle and to zip around your world at high speed. It also lets you move through objects and blocks, so if you ever get yourself stuck you can probably fly your way out.

Changing tools

Tools are selected from the Tool Bar at the bottom of the screen.

Change tools with the keyboard keys 1 - 8, the L1 and R1 controller buttons, or by releasing the mouse with ESC and selecting a tool with the mouse pointer.

Enu currently has 8 tools. Tool 1 on the left is the Code tool. It can program almost anything in Enu, and will be explained in more detail later. Tool 8 on the right is the Place Bot tool. Use it to fill your world with friendly robots. Tools 2 - 7 are the blue, red, green, black, white, and brown colored blocks.


Bots are NPCs in Enu, and can be programmed to explore, change their appearance, or offer information.

They can be placed with the left mouse button or the R1 gamepad trigger.

Coding Enu

Coding Screenshot

We control Enu using Nim, a powerful programming language that's useful for a wide variety of tasks. Almost everything in Enu can be coded with Nim.

With the Code tool selected, you can code anything you've created by clicking on it with the left mouse button, or R1 on the controller

Coding Bots

We control bots with simple commands like forward and turn. Here's some example code to get a Bot through the course in Enu's tutorial:

forward 17
turn right

forward 10
turn left

forward 36
turn left

forward 20

Run your code by pressing left alt/option (⌥). Keep left alt/option (⌥) held down to move around while you're coding. Flying is a great way to get yourself into position to see what's happening, so try double jumping to get a better view.

If your Bot is moving too slowly for your tastes, make her run by setting the speed value.

speed = 10

forward 17
turn right

# ...

Next Steps

Full controls for Enu can be found elsewhere in the docs, along with a quick overview of using Nim to code Enu.